Frequently Asked Questions


What is horticultural therapy? 


With horticultural therapy (HT), gardening becomes healing. HT is a holistic therapeutic modality that uses plants and gardening activities to help client's achieve wellness goals. HT is practised by a registered professional and can be used with a diverse range of populations and ages. Therapeutic horticulture (TH) is a less formal version, but both employ the use of nature to increase well-being. Research indicates the benefits in a variety of healthcare, residential, school and rehabilitative settings. Simply put, HT and TH are 'plant therapy'.

What are the benefits of 'plant therapy'? 

Gardening can benefit anyone - it helps clear the mind and release "feel good" brain chemicals. Research shows that HT and TH can improve quality of life especially for those facing barriers to healthy living (such as dementia, post-traumatic stress, substance use and mental health struggles). There are many benefits; some of which are: improvement in mood, reduction in stress/anxiety/depression, increased attention span, and boosting self-esteem/skills, to name a few. 

What is active aging and why is it important?

Active aging is a premise that encourages older adults to maintain and enhance their well-being and independence as they age. Our programs touch on all six dimensions of wellness. Canada has an aging population (with Edmontonians aged 65 years projected to comprise 18% of the total city population) and we want to do our part to support older adults to live healthy, engaged lives. 

What about garden programs during the winter? 

We can bring gardening to you during the winter months. Get in touch!