My name is Nicola Gunter and I am the Founder & Program Director of Good Worm Garden Programs. I have a certain fascination for growing things from seed and DIY (do-it-yourself) gardening. I'm passionate about helping people and plants to thrive. Through a variety of ways, I help connect people to plants: through education, therapeutic activities, and/or by organizing community initiatives. 


I am a radical social worker, organic master gardener, horticultural therapy practitioner and urban gardener/food grower. 


As an organic master gardener and seasoned gardener, I bring the skills and experience needed to nurture a seed into a thriving plant, indoors or outdoors. Gardening is more than a hobby or a means to be more self-sustainable, it is a science and an art. I have lived and gardened in zones 3b (central AB and SK), 7b (Victoria, BC), and 5a (south AB).

As a radical social worker I operate from an anti-oppressive framework in exploring the strengths and barriers in Edmonton's urban ag scene. My knowledge base is rooted in a trauma-informed lens, holistic healing, brain science, child development and engaging learners with different learning styles and abilities. As a gardener in relationship with land, I bring awareness to my privilege and seek to help dismantle colonial narratives and structures. As a social worker, I do not support institutions such as child welfare or community policing as they historically and currently operate as systems of oppression against Indigenous folx and people of colour. 


As a horticulture therapy practitioner I bring unique knowledge and skills to program development. I believe that all relationships, both plant and human, should be rooted in reciprocity.  Healthy people, soil, ecosystems, communities, and food are all inter-connected. 


I have experience in program development and group facilitation with people from all walks of life. I develop and deliver hands-on educational or therapeutic garden programs for all ages. These programs use the evidence-based 'power of plants' to improve quality of life and well-being. I can also help to implement a garden program/project or develop a curriculum for your organization.


Let's connect! Let's grow! 






Community & collaboration

Cultivating diverse relationships and fostering inclusion.  


Food security & Social Justice

All people should have access to the space and skills to grow healthy, culturally relevant food. 

Local food growing education

Knowledge should be affordable, easy to understand and accessible.