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Hey teachers + educators! 

Why not spice up your classroom with a fun + engaging educational presentation with Goodworm? In every presentation students will learn about growing healthy food, composting with worms (including "meeting" red wigglers), food justice, and plant science! 

Check out the topics below that are connected to Alberta's school curriculum.


(Psst! If you are feeling ambitious, I could also assist or organize to get a school garden growing).


Presentation Topics

Kindergarten + Grade 1: Fruit or Vegetable? 

Is a tomato a fruit or vegetable? Students will find out the difference while also learning about healthy food choices grown in the garden including a nutritional vegetable green that sprouts after only a few days!! Teachers will be given a seed packet to sprout this mystery plant on a classroom windowsill. 

Covers Science GLE 1-11 (Needs of Animals + Plants) with emphasis on SLE 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 10. 

Grade 2 + Grade 3: Pollinator Pals 

Let's squash negative stereotypes about bees, wasps, and worms. Students will learn about beneficial insects aka "good bugs" and their importance in the garden ecosystem. Students will learn about composting with worms (vermicomposting) and how to support native pollinators in their yards and gardens. 

Covers Science GLE 2-10 (Small Crawling + Flying Animals) with emphasis on SLE 3, 4, 5, 7, 8. 

Covers Science GLE 3-10 (Animal Life Cycles) with emphasis on SLE 5, 6.

Grade 4: Photo-synthe-what?! 

Let's have fun with a hands-on science experiment to learn all about photosynthesis and food webs. Students will also learn about red wiggler worms and vermicomposting. A plant will be left behind for observation purposes. 

Covers Science GLE 4-5 (Waste + Our World) with emphasis on SLE 1,2 and Science GLE 4-10 (Plant Growth + Changes) 

Grade 5: Connecting People to Plants

What role do native plants have in our garden and in Indigenous reconciliation? What is Food Not Lawns? How can we be better environmental stewards? What is seed-saving? Students will engage in a self-reflective art activity meant to foster a stronger sense of connection to place. 

Covers Science GLE 5-9 (Weather Watch) with emphasis on SLE 9, 12, 13. 



Grade 6: Food Forests + Environmental Justice 

Covers Science GLE 6-10 (Trees + Forests) with emphasis on SLE 1, 3, 9, 10. 

Grade 7-12: Food Justice Primers 


1 hour classroom presentation/webinar  $100

Additional Classroom Workshops

Making a Bee Hotel

Students will learn about leafcutter + mason bees and the importance of native pollinators. We will then build a DIY bee hotel for each student to take home. Supplies included.

$80 + $5/student

MINI Vermicomposting

Students will learn about red wiggler worms and indoor composting. We will then make a vermicomposting bin for your classroom that you can throw your food scraps into to be composted by the worms. Easy maintenance. All supplies included (3-gallon worm bin, 1/4 lb Red Wigglers, 300 g of soil mixture, shredded paper, leaves)  + a Red Wiggler INFO GRAPHIC POSTER.

$180 per classroom