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 Nature education

Hands-on classroom field trips, offered indoors or outdoors, linked to AB science curriculum + EcoSchools actions.


Fruit + Veggie Experts

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Overview: What is the difference between a fruit and a vegetable? Students will participate in a tactile activity that includes tasting fruits and veggies while we learn the difference between the two. This lesson encourages healthy nutritional choices. 

This lesson is ideal for ISP, Interactions, Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms. 

Duration: 1 hour 

Cost: $18/student, minimum of 8 students. 
* Students will be provided with a healthy fruit and veggie snack

Curriculum/Learning Outcome: 

Humans and plants depend on each other to meet their needs. 



"I have seen so many connections to science curriculum and Indigenous ways of knowing. The things Nicola has done enhanced the learning in my classroom. Students look forward to each week."

"Nicola was extremely engaging, connected perfectly with curriculum, and the students (and I) looked forward to it each week!"

"I love how we were able to spend time outdoors learning together. Nicola did a fabulous job understanding the needs of children, their developmental abilities and letting them be kids!"

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