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Connecting People to Plants
goodworoffers unique environmental education lessons on:


native plants + pollinators

food growing + seed saving skills

climate change action

soil science + conservation 

growing as treaty people

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Land Acknowledgement + Call To Action
Together, as treaty people, we have a shared responsibility to protect Mother Earth, for generations to come.

Mother Earth provides everything we need for life: air, water, land, and all of Creation.

goodworm is located in Aspen Parkland and Treaty 6 territory - a traditional meeting grounds, gathering place, and travelling route of many Indigenous Nations, including the Cree, Blackfoot, Métis, Nakota Sioux, Iroquois, Dene, Ojibway / Saulteaux / Anishinaabe, Tsuutʼina, and Inuit.

The traditional names for the area of so-called "Edmonton" include: 

Amiskwaciy Waskahikan (Cree)

Omukoyis (Blackfoot)

Titunga (Nakoda Sioux)

Nasagachoo (Tsuut’ina)

Sawyah-thay-koi (Dene)

With this land acknowledgement, let's take a moment to reflect on the Indigenous ancestors and children buried here, the missing and murdered women and men, the Indigenous neighbours forced to live rough due to inhumane government policy and residential "schools". These harms are perpetuated by our our silence and inaction. We must challenge the status quo of ongoing colonization, beyond performative words and actions. 

Here are some Indigenous Nations and organizations to support, financially or otherwise:

Wet'suwet'en + Gitxsan Land Defenders

Beaver Lake Cree Nation

Tawaw Outreach Collective

We are all apart of the Land and the Land is apart of us.

Please reflect on what plants
(native vs invasive) you tend to and what purpose a turf-grass lawn serves in this time of climate crisis. Consider planting to provide habitat for native pollinator species. 

Indigenous Nations are the people protecting the majority of biodiversity, worldwide. 

Land Back

Treaty Land Sharing Network 
SÁNEĆ Nation Land Trust

Learn more and take action:

Raven Trust's 'Home on Native Land' 
Land Needs Guardian 

 Section 35


In solidarity, let's grow!

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