Vision & Mission: 
Connecting People to Plants

Goodworm Garden Programs creates opportunities for people to grow through innovative urban agriculture initiatives and therapeutic garden programs.  

The Goodworm experience promotes creativity, sensory stimulation, reduced stress, skill-building and meaningful garden education. Good Worm utilizes the evidence-based ‘power of plants’ to promote well-being by growing healthier people and communities. 


Spring vegetables

​Programs & Projects


The good worm impact

"What happens when neighbours share space to grow food?"
In partnership with local non-profits, changemakers, and organizations, Good Worm is piloting an exciting new urban ag initiative for spring/summer 2021. 

A city-wide initiative, with a focus on those most impacted by food insecurity or access to growing space, this project is based on neighbourhood mutual aid.

We are seeking Yard Hosts (typically homeowners) who are willing to share their underused garden space (or convert a portion of their lawn to growing space) with Growers in exchange for some of the produce. We are also seeking Community Animators to promote yard-sharing in their neighbourhood community.

This year, the Yard Share YEG working group will be matchmaking, providing free seeds and garden workshops, and engaging with communities to get this project growing. Find out more or get involved at 

Thanks to a grant from AP!RG we will also be piloting an indoor garden tower project to increase access to culturally relevant food growing opportunities.